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Hand-held Weather Monitor

Acquire air temperature, humidity, light intensity, PAR radiation, wind direction and speed, Rainfall, CO2 concentration, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil PH and Soil salinity in real-time

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Vacuum Seed Counting And Placing Instrument

Seed Counting And Placing Instrument can automatically count food crop granules and its widely used in seed system, food department.

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Laboratory Incubators/Illumination Germinator

Laboratory incubators also known as Illumination germinator is a professional instrument for imitating natural environment in the laboratory.This laboratory incubators adopt luxury aluminum alloy frame, never rust, delicate, beautiful, and can ensure the safety of samples.

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Chlorophyll Meter

SPAD-502PlUS chlorophyll meter is to test leaf chlorophyll content by measuring the light-transmission coefficient of leaf in two wavelength range. It’s widely used all over the world.

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Digital Grain Moisture Tester

PASS ISO 9001 white LED side backlight. Multipoint calibration,display average data,volume weight,moisture and temp

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kjeldahl Distillation Protein Determination Nitrogen Quantification

kjeldahl Distillation Protein Determination Nitrogen Quantification is mainly used for testing nitrogen content in agricultural byproduct like seed, grain, food, dairy product, drink, forage, soil, etc

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About Us

ZZhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd. is a specialized agricultural instruments manufacturer,agricultural instruments supplier and exporter.For many years, our company has been concentrated on seed measuring, grain food testing, soil examine and related professional instruments. Up to now, we have developed soil moisture testers, soil tight testers, area testers, germination chambers, temperature and humidity testers, kinds of separating equipment and other new products. At the same time, as the biggest business agent in China, we sell fruit sclerometers, as well as kinds of ovens and automatic ......[click here]