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The fourteenth fertilizer dual rendezvous

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September 26, the 14th National Fertilizer Information Exchange & Products Fair grand opening of the International Exhibition Center in Gansu with much the attention of the national agricultural front. The meeting was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Gansu Province, agriculture and animal husbandryHall and Lanzhou Municipal People's Government hosted, Gansu Agricultural water conservation Soil and fertilizer management Station contractors from national agricultural research institutions around the technology promotion department fertilizer industry enterprises, agricultural machinery companies, more than ten thousand people attended the meeting, the Nationalagricultural Technology Promotion Center Chan Sang Doo director of Li iron Shenzhu Ren was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the General Assembly.




The theme of the meeting: to promote scientific and technological innovation of the fertilizer industry, guiding farmers to scientific fertilization. Meeting show the main fertilizer products, soil conditioner soil aquasorb, straw decomposition agent, plant growth regulators, Dohi analysis laboratory equipment, farmland water conservation and integrated water and fertilizer facilities, fertilizer production, processing and preparation machinery and related fertilization Machines and other agricultural materials. The Assembly invited the professor of province and outside experts to expand seminars on related topics.




Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition, under the leadership of general manager Yu Chen Yang Prior to 500 copies prepared for this trip in Lanzhou, just to carry out empty in two hours.




The fertilizers dual rendezvous is a national fertilizers event, the exchange of information between the National Dohi technology sector fertilizer companies and dealers at all levels, Products, brand promotion, image and culture of communication, cooperation and exchange, product trading platform CCTV, Gansu TV, Gansu People's broadcasting Station and other central and local media gave strong support to the next session of the National Fertilizer double intersection will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and we are looking forward to the next rendezvous.