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2012 "Tribune" meeting

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October 10, 2012 - 12th, 2012, China Agricultural Technology Promotion and Plant Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Journal") National Communications work conference held in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. Li iron Shen, National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center the deputy director Committee on Agriculture of Guizhou Province, vice inspector the Yangming Cong, director of the the two periodicals Edit Department of Tianyou Guo wait until and for speech. Communications responsible person from two periodicals editorial department and the country's 29 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of agricultural technology promotion and plant protection departments and some QSO member of more than 130 people attended the meeting.



Strong support and active cooperation of all levels of agricultural technology promotion units and Communications staff, and two periodicals successful completion of the task of the annual plan, editing, publishing and distribution work made new achievements for the publicity of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion system performance, service modern agriculture and new rural construction make due contributions. The conference aims to summarize the exchange of the year 2012 and two periodicals issued work of editing and publishing, in recognition of the year 2012," Journal "Communications advanced units and workers, to promote the" Tribune "in the new situation for the National Agricultural Technology Promotion work and the vast majority of agricultural technology personnel services.



The TOP instrument Yu Yang Chan, general manager were invited to participate in the meeting. Meeting, the general manager Chan talked about: vice president of units in the year 2012 as the China Agricultural Technology Promotion representatives Torp instrument has been actively promoting agricultural technology grassroots promotion and publicity. The Torp instrument of production, soil nutrient speed measuring device, soil moisture speed measuring instrument, pesticide residue speed measuring device, automatic pests forecasting lights, spores capture device, insecticidal lamps are widely used to start this year, grassroots agricultural extension service system construction projects, and shared with peers, clients Torp instrument Journal published in a timely manner of the articles of the advanced technology used in the construction of agricultural technology promotion. Chan, general manager, said: TOP instrument will take advantage of high-tech talent and advanced technology to further committed to the development and promotion of plant protection products as well as agricultural equipment, add new strength to the China Agricultural Technology Extension.