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The indoor crop seeds inspection techniques feature films officially published

The time of issue:2012-10-25 9:48:10 view number:

In October 2012, the TOP instrument collaboration agricultural seed Terminus of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, crop seed quality inspection center produced agricultural seed testing practical technology "series of indoors crop seeds inspection techniques" feature film officially published.



Agricultural seed testing technology "series of feature films is a specific measure, designed to Shanxi Province to implement the State Council on accelerating the development of modern crop seed industry views through demonstration and extension of crop seed testing technology, the establishment of a clean and fair fine style, proficient, excellent quality and well-equipped seed quality inspection team, and thus enhance the province and even our level of seed quality and brand influence. The Stoop instrument fully cooperate with the filming of the feature film "agricultural seed testing technology" crop seeds sample spot - check technology "," crop seeds indoors inspection techniques, crop seed field inspection techniques, crop seeds comprehensive management techniques "is displayed in the form of a feature film. The production of "indoors crop seeds inspection technology" feature film consists of three parts: A disk Clarity of analysis techniques, moisture measurement techniques, weight measurement technology, health measurement techniques; B disc, the contents of a germination test technology viability Test technology, variety identification technology; C disk, the contents of varietal purity identification techniques, the variety of molecular detection technology, comprehensive, professional show for everyone agricultural seed testing advanced technology is ideal for seed quality inspection personnel to improve inspection skills teaching films, are also available for reference inspectors special assessment experts and training teachers.