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Top instrument development more mature

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Now, Top instrument has its own R & D team, and a team of professional agricultural instruments manufacturers. Hangzhou-level high-tech enterprise R & D center platform with the China Institute of Metrology, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Hainan University, university cooperation, research and development capabilities sufficient, complete product line. Now a good policy of the relevant departments have issued spending seed industry development, seed companies with seed testing equipment manufacturers to strengthen the basis of cooperation, and expand the scientific enterprise docking scope of cooperation, and jointly promote the healthy, rapid and stable development of the seed industry. The Miss Li pleased concurred, and will Top instruments continue to maintain cooperative relations.

Top instrument has been uphold the "sincerity to customers, improve service" business philosophy in this year, the exhibition Top with the user to provide a technical exchange, exchange of experience, good opportunity, Top instrument will support the majority of users under, to become the first brand in China seed Testing, to provide users with more high dedication to precision instruments.