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The 28th China Plant Protection dual rendezvous

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The 28th China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide and Sprayer Fair grand opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in November 28, 2012. The spectacular opening ceremony, the State Department counselor, former director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and the Ministry of Agriculture, former Vice Minister Liu Jian, Shengdou Chan who is director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, Ministry of Agriculture Planting Industry Management the Secretary Puguo chou, Vice Secretary, Agriculture Department of Henan Province Minister Mengzhou Zhu, Henan Province Committee on Agriculture Rural Work Leading Group Dongcheng He, deputy head, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

China Plant Protection Dual intersection is the exchange of information between national plant protection systems and spraying machinery production and marketing enterprises, large-scale exhibition of the products on sale and academic discussions, initiated and sponsored by the National Agricultural Technology Center, from 1985 to the present has been successfully held 27 sessions, This year is the 28th. Dual rendezvous Chinese crop protection through continuous development and innovation, has become the the spraying machinery industry transaction largest, most popular, the most far-reaching impact of the General Assembly, by various aspects of attention and certainly become one of the famous brand exhibition.

Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd., under the leadership of general manager Yuyang Chan , participated in the China plant protection in the form of a special exhibition double intersection. TOP instrument has been committed to the development and production of agricultural instruments. In 2011, the company began to plant protection equipment research and development, and in March 2012 the formal establishment of the Plant Protection Instruments Division to launch its own R & D, own production plant protection equipment.

The exhibition, Top instrument automatically pests forecasting lights carry spores capture device, pest survey Frequency insect lamps, crop protection toolbox, incubators, plant diseases detector plant protection equipment, pests , disease forecasting, pest control and crop protection tools indispensable. Top instrument such as a rising star of the plant protection equipment industry, either in appearance or function, and compared to traditional products have certain advantages. Customers come to visit during the show, in particular, very interested in our pests forecasting lights and plant diseases detector.

Pests forecasting lights designed and developed for agriculture and forestry pests forecasting, the lights photoelectric technology functions automatically attracting insects, insecticidal, repackaging, whole lamp work automatically to reduce the workload forecasting staff pests forecasting indispensable tool. The plant diseases detector can quickly diagnose the type of the plant disease. The plant disease caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses, but because the farmers do not know the disease is caused by what kind of bacteria or virus, will be "styled" spray a lot of pesticides, if not the right remedy, for farmers to speaking, wasted a lot of money to buy pesticides and pesticide residues in vegetables and crops grow too high, the advent of the plant disease detector, early in the plants infected accurate diagnosis vegetable dyes pathogens, help farmers to quickly and accurately determine the use of pesticides varieties to farmers to reduce losses and increase the effectiveness.

The Top instrument also showed the forestry, microclimate information gathering system, handheld detector environment, soil nutrient speed measuring device, pesticide residue speed measuring instrument, such as plant protection agricultural equipment, also subject to the attention of the visitors.

The exhibition of the "scientific and technological innovation, modern plant protection" as the theme, the main display of the pesticides and plant protection machinery, designed to build mutual exchanges and trading platforms for spraying machinery manufacturers, plant protection department and spraying machinery dealer. The conference attracted 1050 companies pesticides, pesticide packaging plant protection machinery production and operation exhibitors, booth had 3000, an area of  65,000 square meters, the size and grade of reach successive new highs.