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Top instrument successfully hosted the Ministry of Agriculture Badminton Club Invitational

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Since 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture "Top instrument Cup Badminton Club Invitational" has been successfully held for three organized trade unions by the National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd. is the sole sponsor of the contractor.

National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center Cup badminton competition on the "Top instrument" to be given high priority, and meticulous arrangements and effective organization. Top instrument also organize relevant departments to actively cooperate to ensure the smooth progress of the game. Actively organize various departments and units directly under the Ministry of Agriculture, actively participating, the majority of players ahead of warm-up, scientific training, practice a ball game, tournament ball up and down all the systems set off the boom ball commentary. Especially many units "in charge" personally play both organizers and athletes personally set a good example, to make a positive contribution to the game successfully held the feathers. It is also to promote employee fitness activities to carry out extensive.

During the New Year's Day of 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture, the third "Top instrument" Cup Badminton Club Invitational Badminton Hall in Beijing Beit held as scheduled. Top instrument carefully prepared signature wall, the Party members of the Ministry of Agriculture Yuxiang Zhang, Directly under the Ministry of organs executive deputy secretary of the Party Committee Yuankun Hu, Shengdou Chan who is director of the National Agricultural Technology Center, Dapeng Hang secretary contestants have autograph.

The TOP instrument Yuyang Chan who is our general manager, he said in the opening ceremony. TOP instrument through many years of development, it has now been identified as the "National High-tech Enterprise", "National 863 projects bear the cooperation unit", "National Spark Program project unit", "A unit of major scientific and technological projects in Zhejiang Province", "technology Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Fund project unit", "Zhejiang Province High-tech SMEs", "agricultural science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "AAA grade credit enterprise ", "China Agricultural Technology Extension" "2012 Annual Council, vice chairman of the unit" application of agricultural technology branch of the China Instrument Society executive director of the unit, "the networking industry of China Communications Industry Association branch executive units", "smart city planning and construction of the Alliance for the Promotion of the first session of the Council of the unit". Top was selected in 2011 Hangzhou "Foal Eagle Enterprises enterprises nominated for the annual" Foal Eagle Cup "the most potential for growth enterprises 20 through independent innovation, and now owns 25 national patents, four of which are invention patents, and all kinds of products Software copyright more than 30, software product registration certificate 13, 13 CE certification.