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Recognition of outstanding in Top

The time of issue:2013-02-22 13:29:53 view number:

2012 has been in the past, 2013 has arrived. Retrospect, passion and struggle, success or failure will become a thing of the past with the passage of time, every  people in Top summed up 2012 by himself, Outlook 2013. The advent of the new year, Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd. 2012 annual awards ceremony concluded in the much-anticipated all Torp people was held on February 2, 2013. Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co. leadership and staff to participate in the recognition of the General Assembly.

15:00 fourth meeting agenda after summary was completed in each department manager in charge of the vice president, and general manager, in recognition of outstanding executives and talented employees. Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd. 2012 Annual total vote 23 outstanding executives, Improvement Award, excellent team leader, excellent staff, best newcomer.

These people inside an ordinary fitter some production line, the elite and some sales on the battlefield, some great talent technician. Show their extraordinary in the ordinary post, they reinforce the level of business in the fierce competition in the show, to show their professional skills in important posts.

Moderator announced the winners took turns when they are the focus of attention, boarded the stage of honor, they sweat to pay for the development of the company's hard-working, they are the most respectable people in the company.