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The leader of the agriculture department of zhejiang province came to Top

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The day before yesterday, the Office of the Agriculture Department, Zhejiang Industry Shouqin Dai, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Bureau of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Agricultural Bureau accompanied come to inspect the implementation of by Stoop agriculture of Things base Chuanhua Group Chuanhua Group general manager Chen Jian Rong Song, director warm reception staff and the TOP of Things, and with all the leaders to visit the the production greenhouses base system control of the Internet of Things.

During the visit, Top staff for all the leaders gave a detailed Top R & D and production of the instrument agriculture Things smart greenhouse environment monitoring and automatic irrigation control system, and through the the indoor demonstration system and outdoor greenhouses in operation, so that the leaders intuitive and detailed understanding of the advanced Internet of Things. TOP R & D and production of the instrument set of the system of Things system consists of a the indoor demonstration system and outdoor greenhouses, can not only control cabinet through the greenhouse Things smart to complete a variety of operations, through indoor clear and intuitive to see the greenhouses within the state of the real-time information and data and device switching, based on the information data set the alarm off the assembly line, alarm condition, crop irrigation, fertilization, cool fill light operation; environmental equipment status, but also through mouse operation to complete the open greenhouse fan, wet curtain, skylights, shade, shade operation, simple and convenient.

The Chuanhua Group is the diversity of modern private enterprise group, is principally engaged in the research and development of flowers and fruit and vegetable seeds and seedlings and Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium grade flowers, cultivating and marketing. The Chuanhua Group hope that the the TOP instrument of Things take full advantage of technology to enhance the quality and safety of agricultural products Transfar. Use Top Things technology, you can increase the supervision of agricultural products from the production, circulation and consumption of the entire process, improve the system of agricultural product safety traceability to protect the safety of agricultural products.

Internet of Things system is an important support to the development of modern agriculture. Medication on agriculture, water, fertilizer accurate control, reduce waste, reduce pollution. With the Internet of Things technology to solve the technician just experience to grow, you can move the mouse to understand the dynamic greenhouse, but also greatly save labor costs, reduce the waste of resources, scientific observation of plants growing.

The staff also explain in detail for all the leaders of a the TOP instrument of Things system in the practical application of horticulture, orchards, soil moisture monitoring, farm environment as well as the completed by Top instrument to assist the success stories. The wearing Director said on the the Stoop today's Internet of Things R & D technology certainly raised expectations of Things system's role in the future of agriculture. With the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet of Things applications in agriculture will be more and more widely, the Internet of Things applications in agriculture develop toward micro, reliability, environmental adaptability, low-cost, intelligent direction, he said. You need to like the Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd forward-looking enterprises play the leading role.