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Use of photosynthesis meter notes

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Recently, several friends are asking me the same question, what notes should we pay attention when use the photosynthesis meter? In order to help more friends to understand this problem, I deliberately on plant photosynthesis meter. The concluding may not be too comprehensive, but still want to be able to help friends.

1. Photosynthesis is carried out in the light, in particular to see the weather forecast before Experimental week weather conditions.

2. Photosynthesis must select the sunny weather, try to avoid prolonged overcast sky suddenly cleared measured.

3. Prior to the determination of the initial photosynthetic rate, the plant must be carried out in the light full of light adaptation.

4. Instrument battery is fully charged, view the instrument absorption tube for deterioration, deterioration please change.

5. Once part of the desiccant color red to be replaced immediately.

6. Sun phosphor screen cover, otherwise it will affect their life.

7. Attention to the maintenance of the instrument, light-light, the signal lines try to keep the stretch, do not distort, or * easy to make the interface is not strong, lint slide out from the interface.

8. When there is "IRGA not ready" after measuring, we need to check all parts of the probe is connected securely.