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Knowledgebase-soil tensiometer

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Strictly speaking, the same soil moisture content in the soil water release process and the suction process corresponding to the type of soil water tension, which is due to the lag effect of soil water. In general, the soil water absorption process is short. At present, it is customary to soil moisture content to guide agricultural irrigation, which must be based on measured data to identify soil moisture content and soil water tension relationship, with this relationship is based on the observation of soil water tension can be kept informed of the soil moisture, soil water tension indicators based on tests can guide irrigation, when conditions permit, but also automatic control irrigation based on soil water tension indicators. This eliminates the need to re-use the drying method to measure soil moisture content, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve working efficiency. For this reason, it is necessary to improve agricultural irrigation technology promotion.

The soil tensiometer (also known as negative pressure dollars) is an observation of soil water tension direct-reading instruments. The use of negative pressure was measured soil moisture from the energy point of view to study practical means of soil water movement.

Soil tension meter measured soil water tension is the soil water suction. More wet soil, the smaller the suction on the water; otherwise great. When soil moisture increases to all the voids filled with water, soil water tension will be reduced to zero. In other words, the soil moisture content reached saturation. Various soil saturation moisture content, by weight moisture content and the volumetric water content are inconsistent, but is consistent with the soil water tension are zero. The soil capillary rupture moisture content is also inconsistent, and soil tension almost the same. Change of a variety of soil moisture content from saturated moisture content to capillary rupture, the role and influence of soil moisture for crops. The same soil water tension indicators, different soils have different moisture content, but the same soil water and energy indicators is consistent in terms of physiological water requirement of the crop and root absorption.