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Taiwan Trade Fair is expanding

The time of issue:2013-04-20 13:18:39 view number:

The seventeenth "cross-strait machinery and electronics Commodity Fair" and the "Xiamen to Taiwan Import and Export Commodities Fair" (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan Trade Fair") lasted 4 days, smooth hosting of the planned activities, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center successfully concluded on the afternoon of April 15.

Current Taiwan Trade Fair "18" between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait after the first large-scale economic and trade exchanges event, people in the industry to attract domestic and foreign, especially cross-strait business people a high degree of attention and active participation, larger exhibition, professional more merchants to do will be a higher level, richer content, the better the effectiveness of the General Assembly, greater brand impact, setting off a wave of cross-strait economic and trade exchanges boom, brought together inside and outside the business sector in particular, cross-strait mechanical and electrical industry to tide over a "exchange, trading, making friends" and "honeymoon week".

For many Taiwanese, Taiwan Trade Fair is very clear exhibition of a theme-oriented - to promote cross-strait economic and trade relations and people-to-people exchanges.

Founded at the beginning, the intention of the organizers is very clear, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to establish a "three-way" bridge use to make friends, way of doing business, promote cross-strait people communicate with each other.

The early Taiwan Trade Fair is a comprehensive exhibition, but later cross-strait trade has repeatedly recommended to go the professional route to the organizing committee, the organizing committee to hear their views. Starting from the fourth, the Taiwan Trade Fair to become a professional mechanical and electrical exhibition in mainland China influential.

According to data released by the official of the organizing committee, the exhibition hit a record high, with 80,000 square meters of exhibition area, nearly 800 corporate participants, the number of booths breakthrough 3700.

This is a steel and precision instruments electromechanical world machine tool equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, tool and die, intruments from China agricultural instruments exporters valves and materials, instruments of industrial, energy-efficient lighting, security, food processing machinery and printing and packaging equipment, etc., there were placed in the 9 exhibition.

Rich industrial design aesthetic machines always attracted the attention of visitors, they took out the camera crackling burst pat on the spot made micro-Bo.

"Changed so much", this change is also reflected in the exhibitors, not only Taiwan this year than in previous years, the mainland power is on the rise.