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High-yield broccoli with chlorophyll meter

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Broccoli cabbage, also known as cauliflower. It often make of cooking and also be used as a salad or side dish eaten raw. The coconut flower is the the vegetables of a nutrient-rich. High vitamin C content. 100 grams of fresh vegetables containing 61 mg, 3.2 times as tomato. Is more expensive and contains a variety of indole derivatives, aromatic hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity of the liver, can improve the ability to enhance the decomposition of carcinogenic substances. Therefore, the daily vegetables, cauliflower is a good availability to cancer.

Broccoli has several important growth cycle, such as the seedling stage, growth stage, and the results of. Each period is not the same demand for fertilizer. Seedling nutrient demand is not great, but with the growth of cauliflower, increasing demand for fertilizer. At this point, we have to grasp the amount of fertilizer needed for the broccoli. Because too much or too little fertilizer, broccoli have been affected. So, how do you control it? We can make use of the chlorophyll meter, a classic model SPAD502 chlorophyll meter, by measuring the chlorophyll content of the plants, then calculate the nitrogen content, we will be able to understand the cauliflower Quefei, or lack of How much fertilizer.

Above, we analyzed the amount of chlorophyll meter that can help you determine the time of fertilization and fertilization. Next, we specifically see next the Cauliflower several application methods. In fact, as long as the facilities good three fertilizer species will be able to achieve high yield of cauliflower. First, apply sufficient base fertilizer. Did not are acres of land in accordance with the a certain proportion of to fertilization, such as the farmyard manure, ammonium sulfate, calcium superphosphate, potassium and magnesium fertilizer, borax, potassium sulfate and and so on fertilizer, all need to comply with the a certain degree of the amount of. Second, soil fertilizer. Cauliflower from the transplanting to. Harvest need to top-dressing are 2~3 Night. Third, foliar fertilization. Rely mainly on plant roots absorb nutrients, leaves and tender stems directly from the spray absorption of nutrients in the surface of the solution.

As long as three fertilizers are applied, I believe that the broccoli you expected production. Of course, there are are a lot of the factors which are not controllable, will affect the harvest.Finally the fields produced a yield rich beyond expectations. But basically, as long as we can be timely and appropriate fertilizer, high-yielding want broccoli, really was quite easy.