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Focused on fruit pressure meter

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1. Purpose
Fruit pressure meter can measure the hardness of apple pear suitable for fruit research department, fruit company, fruit farms, college agricultural colleges and other units, seed cultivation, harvesting, storage, detection of the produced transport and processing of fruit. The instrument is small, light weight, direct-reading, easy to carry, especially suitable for field measurement, a direct result.
2. Principle
Fruit firmness is a the fruit unit area (S) to withstand the force spring pressure (N), defined as the ratio of fruit firmness (P).
P = N / S
P-measured fruit hardness value 100000 Pa (kg / sq cm)
N-force spring pressure on the fruit surface force N Newton (kg)
S-fruit force area square meter (square centimeter)
3. Technical data
1) showing the value range :2-15 (X100000 Pa)
2) showing error: plus or minus 0.5
3) indenter maximum stroke: 10 mm
4) indenter penetration depth: 10 mm
5) weight: 0.3 kg
4. The use of methods
Measurement: zero, turn the dial, hands and engraved lines coincide, then fruit knife cuts the skin of about one square centimeters.
Measurements: The durometer hardness meter perpendicular to the measured surface of the fruit in our right hand, the pressure head in a uniform force pressed into the fruit, then the pointer starts to rotate, when the pressure to the pressure head engraved lines (pressed into 10 mm) stop when the scale of the pointer value is the measured hardness value.
Measurements are completed, press the reset button, the pointer back to the tune zero two.