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The benefits of the pocket refractometer to determine fruit maturity

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All friends who done wholesale fruit friends know that appropriate to determine fruit maturity, it will make us a more accurate grasp of fruit storage and a library, as well as sales period, we have to save the fruit in the preservation of library time is too long, while the sales work was not any good, a lot of fruit rot, had to rescue part of low-cost selling experience, of course, for general wholesalers or farmers and not so complex, as long as the control the procurement and storage period, with good sales operations, completely avoid this from happening.

This requires two tasks, storage appropriate time in Storagehouse, Second, we must be determined based on the maturity of the fruit the timespan and sales process. However, the wholesale fruit, unlike the fruit we eat at home, so a bag, a glance will be able to know which fast rotten, which is not done, there are so many fruit wholesalers, how could at first glance? General random checks, select the appropriate number, to determine the overall maturity, but to determine the maturity, see and smell alone is not enough to determine fruit maturity indicators.

Simple method, there are two types: The first is to use fruit hardness tester to measure the hardness of the fruit, and the second is to use the digital refractometer to measure the sugar content of the fruit. However, the easiest thing is the latter, look directly at the sugar content to determine maturity, measuring the sugar content. Of course, sugar meter is the simplest and most practical tool, sugar meters, also known as measured glucose meter, sweetness meter, usually handheld.

Most fruit pressure meter refractive law principle, the use of light from the air injected into the liquid, refraction, to determine its sugar content, strictly speaking, it should be known as the measurement of soluble solids, but because of the highest content of fruit juices sugar, so this generally known as Brix measurement results. The advantage of easy-to-use hand-held refracting sugar meter, shaped like a kaleidoscope, in the preceding prism drops of juice, you can see a horizontal line in the sugar meter behind the eyepiece, the horizontal line corresponding to the index is a Brix value, through the use of hand-held glucose meter to measure the sugar content of the fruit, fruit wholesalers fruit, which mature quickly.

Of course, different fruit maturity corresponding to the sugar content, specific values can consult the manufacturer or the local agricultural station, there will give a more specific answer. Various agricultural research institutes and fruit-growing manufacturers also use hand-held glucose meter to measure the sugar content of fruits, hand-held pocket refractometer is widely used, to a large extent the fruit wholesalers are no longer passive, so that the fruits of their own hands enough to grasp. Prepared on a few fruit sugar meter, even if less than the future may also be used.