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Artificial climate incubator intelligent control climate

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Artificial climate incubator also known as artificial climate chamber, it is able to simulate a natural climate and intelligent control instruments. Intelligent artificial climate chamber is able to control the environmental parameters of temperature, humidity, light intensity, and so on, almost the same parameter control with seed germination boxes, but much broader in scope than the seed germination boxes. Intelligent artificial climate chamber by the Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd., developed according to market demand, in the housing the air FPID control mode, integrated intelligent microcomputer control system of artificial climate chamber, truly self-control of temperature, humidity, light intensity, and time control , greatly improving the work efficiency.

The RTOP-D smart artificial climate incubator is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of national standards JB/T6823-93 biological artificial climate chamber technical conditions "has a certain rigor, you can safely use it in a variety of plant breeding, do not have to worry about will affect the normal growth of plants.

The RTOP-D intelligent artificial climate incubator using dual FPID fuzzy control system: the temperature control system and humidity control systems. The temperature control system of FPID integration of multiple parameters to FPID regulation, so that the effect of regulation of the multi-parameter, is more comprehensive and accurate temperature control. FPID temperature control system has a collection of multiple factors of the temperature of the ambient temperature, the growth chamber set temperature, light intensity, and dehumidification conditions affect plant growth cabinets, almost perfect temperature control, and control system technology in China at the advanced level.

While the wet FPID control system in accordance with the humidity deviation of dehumidification and humidification bit PID control, the introduction of refrigeration conditions not only humidity control system, but also linked to the relationship between humidification and dehumidification control humidity, and it is making the humidity control system more perfect comprehensive.