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Food safety controls

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Food safety issues in recent years, China's urgent need to address the problem, due to the frequent occurrence of food safety incidents, many consumers questioned the regulatory authorities, the existing food safety standards also produced a number of opinions. Yesterday, the State Council issued the 2013 food safety focus of work "will dig deep with industry common pitfalls and unspoken rules, and the establishment of a list of potential risks in food safety standards, that is the end of this year there will be a big adjustment. Experts put forward their point of view: food safety testing should be brought forward to the production source, this view is recognized by many consumers, it also raised the concern of the relevant departments of the pesticide residues, toxic and harmful substances in food detection, and marketing of food safety testing instruments from agriculture instruments supplier have been developed more perfect, or will usher in a new surge of development.

State Food and Drug sector reform will strengthen food safety supervision

Reporter learned yesterday, listed on the formation of a new round of institutional reform of the State Council of the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Food and Drug Administration Office), has recently been issued within the State Food and Drug Administration of the primary duties of the internal structure and staffing Regulations (referred Sanding program). Sanding program for the integration of the State Food and Drug Administration of the production, circulation, catering food safety regulatory functions, is divided into three food safety supervision department. Among them, a Division of Food Safety functions of the Division are responsible to master the analysis of production, circulation of the food security situation, perform the regulatory functions; Third Division is responsible for analysis and forecasting the overall food security situation, to participate in the development of food safety risk monitoring plan .

Program requirements, endangering their health and even life-food, drug safety events, not only in need of food and drug supervision departments of administrative law enforcement, need public security departments to increase efforts to investigate and deal with, be investigated for criminal responsibility for illegal production and marketing enterprises (businesses). The program pointed out that the Ministry of Public Security is responsible for directing the work of the Food and Drug Crime Investigation. State Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Security to establish the convergence mechanism of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice work. Food and drug supervision and management departments in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food and Drug violations alleged crime, should be transferred to public security organs, public security organs shall promptly review and made in accordance with the law' or not to file a decision. The public security organs according to law submitted to the food and drug supervision and management departments to make the inspection, verification, certification assistance, food and drug supervision and management departments shall provide assistance.

A new round of institutional reform of food safety supervision in the most important and  the most problematic of production, circulation, dining areas, integrated into one department, reflecting the government's determination to earnestly strengthen food safety supervision. Therefore, the internal structure, the need to really establish the law enforcement code of conduct, norms, the exercise of power and food safety information open and transparent regulatory system.