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Count of rice seed - seed counter

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Electronic automatic number of tablets available in three models, namely SLY-A seed grain instrument, SLY-B seed grain instrument and Sly-C the number of seed counter, each model corresponding function is not the same. SLY-A seed grain instrument is designed for the small seed number of tablets, it is the seed sample particles within the range of 0.7 ~ 4mm 0.7 ~ 12mm, and if the sample is too large particles, this instrument does not apply, the number of the number of particles it is impossible to accurately SLY-B seed number of tablets to make up for deficiencies in the electronic automatic SLY-a number of tablets, is devoted to the number of large particles, such as corn, soybeans and other seeds. SLY-C seed counter is a combination of a little more than two instruments, capable of measuring the medium and small particles, so this is the most versatile instrument, but the corresponding price than the other two higher.

Rice seeds in storage or other aspects of quality accreditation, measured the number of seeds, we can SLY-A seed grain instrument This instrument is manufactured specifically for small seeds produced. SLY-A seed grain instrument for round or elongated seed, apply, and a few grains of speed can be adjusted every three minutes can count more than 1000 seeds, accuracy . You simply need to count the seeds into the SLY-A photoelectric automatic grain instrument tray, start switch, photoelectric automatic SLY-A number of tablets will begin to count, count at the same time, the electronic display real-time display the amount of particles of this number, and set the number of particles. SLY-A photoelectric Automatic Counting the advantages of the instrument as well as speed adjustable settings View, preset from the stop function is a function relatively complete, cost-effective instrument.

Therefore, if you want to buy such an instrument measured the number of seeds, we recommend that you purchase Zhejiang Top SLY production of seed counter, you
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