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Rainfall for wheat falling number

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The size of the landing value mainly reflects the strength of the flour -amylase activity, -amylase only a large number of wheat germination, germination time there is a close relationship between the activity of -amylase and germination temperature. While germinated wheat starch due to the high -amylase activity, will be decomposed in the role of the -amylase, and further hydrolysis into low molecular weight sugars, low molecular weight carbohydrate content is correspondingly higher, -amylase activity The content can be used directly the Falling Number were measured and analyzed.

Wheat producing areas often occur during the harvest season continuing a wide range of rainfall, hot and humid weather, moldy deterioration of dry green forced maturity, or even cause a spike off the ear shattering germination, resulting in a drop in quality. Rainfall before harvest for wheat falling number there are some, we use pre-harvest rain for three days for processing, while we are using the falling number tester in the determination of pre-harvest wheat falling number.

The size of the landing value reflects the strength of the flour -amylase activity, and the content and activity of -amylase induced harvest sprouting rain wheat flour landed value is lower than before. Before and after rain, the datas are: 399.6s 312.8s difference between the treatments of the very significant level, the average flour landed value decreased by 21.7%. The main reason is that wheat late rainy weather will quickly produce harvest sprouting in the 1st continuous rain, the second consecutive rainfall rush in the harvest Sprouting lighter, but the second rainfall after harvest Sprouting the sharp rise.