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New layout of agricultural areas driven agricultural instruments

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More accurate expression to promote the development of agricultural science and technology to promote agricultural science and technology contribution rate for local agriculture, agricultural technology to adapt to the actual situation of local agricultural. Due to the diverse environment of China's agricultural production, different areas of the agricultural industry, such as the northeast of the major grain producing areas, Hainan Tropical Agriculture, northwest of saving water and dry farming, which requires agricultural technology layout and layout of the local agricultural industry to achieve 11 docking. Under this line of thought, the layout of agricultural science and technology also shows the outline will be stimulated agricultural equipment procurement.

For example, in the context of building an international tourism island of Hainan, the construction of the National Tropical modern agricultural base to become one of the six positioning of international tourism island. Development of tropical agriculture tropical agricultural science and technology as support. Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture has entered a rapid development, followed by the purchase of agricultural equipment. April 2012, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Environment and Plant Protection Research Institute released the first batch of agricultural equipment procurement, purchasing a total of nearly 200 million.

Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a large number of plant protection equipment tender: At the same time, in order to ensure seafood safety and the purpose of the development of the fisheries, the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences carried out a large number of instruments procurement.

Chinese Academy of Fisheries Instrument Purchase: We believe that these are the basis of the regional pattern of agriculture, in order to make the agricultural science and technology support regional role of agriculture, increase agricultural equipments from agricultural instruments supplier and equipment procurement. We expect that market demand will continue in the latter part of the year.